How It Works

Pricing for rim repair is based on damage. A small scrape on the rim will be less expensive than damage that is all around the entire area. The easiest way to figure out your damage is in terms of tiers: Quarter, Half and Full. Check with the Rimz Authorized Dealer near you for pricing and scheduling!

Identify Your Damage

How much of your rim is damaged?



All Over

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Do you have damaged rims?

Rimz technicians have developed a special technique to properly restore damaged rims. Want to know more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, then click on our Gallery to see our amazing results!

What Can Be Repaired

Q: Do you fix bent or cracked rims?
A: No, we only do cosmetic repairs such as curb rash and scratches.

Q: How bent is too bent to be repaired?
A: We do not fix bent rims.

Q: How big of a crack is too big to be repaired?
A: We do not fix cracked rims.

Q: My wheel is losing air; can you fix that?
A: No, often that means you have a bend or crack in your rim and we only work with curbed
or scratched rims.

Q: Do you take the tires off the vehicle?
A: No, we do everything on the vehicle.

Q: Can I bring just the rim?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you or have you ever fixed a Tesla rim?
A: Yes, the rims are made the exact same way as any other vehicle rim.

Q: Can you do chrome rims?
A: No, chrome is a plating and they would need to be re-plated.

Q: Can you paint over chrome rims?
A: No. We don’t paint full faces of rims and if we did the paint would peel off the chrome.

Q: What kind of rims can you fix?
A: Painted aluminum, alloy, and steel rims.

Q: Do you powder coat rims?
A: No. We strictly work with painted rims.

Q: Can you repair a powder coated rim?
A: Yes, but it will be painted and it can only be stock colors.

Q: My rims need sand blasted, can you do that?
A: No, we do not offer sandblasting services.

Q: Can you repair aftermarket rims?
A: We would need to see them. Please stop by or send us a photo through our website.

Q: I am getting new tires soon; can you still fix my rim?
A: Yes, we recommend you get the rim repaired after getting your new tires.

Q: Do you fix rims that have machine lines?
A: Yes, but we cannot replicate the machine lines. Our techs are very skilled in blending the repair and making it practically unnoticeable, but you will lose the machine lines in that area.

Q: Will I be able to see the repair?
A: It is a repair and it is never 100% guaranteed that you won’t be able to see it. However, our techs are highly trained and are very good at repairing and blending the color to make it virtually unnoticeable.

Color Options

Q: Do you use the same color as my rims?
A: Yes. We are contracted with PPG and able to color match manufacturer colors.

Q: Can you change the color of my rims?
A: No. We strictly do repairs on rims for curb rash and scratches.

Q: What are stock colors?
A: These are standard colors used by the manufacturer (black, silver, grey, etc.)

Alternative Options

Q: Is it better to repair or replace my rim(s)?
A: That is up to you, the cost of replacing a rim is dependent on the vehicle and along with that you will also have mount and balancing charges. Typically, repairs are much less costly than new rims and you won’t have those additional mount and balancing fees.

Q: Can you order new rims for me?
A: No, we only offer repair services.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: No, we do not offer a warranty, nor does the manufacturer of the rims. We cannot
control the elements on the road or what you may drive through.
Q: Is it safe to wash my wheels?
A: Yes, but do not use any harsh or heavy chemicals directly on your rims.

Q: How soon after getting my rims repaired can I wash my vehicle?
A: 24 hours.

Q: I am getting my car detailed, will my rims be okay?
A: Yes, just let them know not to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners directly on your rims.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Typically, a day; you drop it off in the morning and get it back in the afternoon.

Q: Can you come to my house?
A: No, we are only set up to do them at this location.

Q: Can I wait for it to be done?
A: No, it needs to be dropped off in the morning for the day.